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God is teaching how we are predestined from the beginning of time to perform His will; after all, He is the Creator of this world.

Being that God is omniscient (all knowing), He is the true and only One who knows the beginning and the end. Being that He is the Creator of all living flesh, who else would know with exact understanding the purpose of each of us with our own individual goals in this life?

We clearly understand that when we buy products the manufacturer is the only one who understands his product and how it should operate to our satisfaction. He is the one we look to for instructions and directions.

Since God fashioned the earth and was the One to say that it was good, then you have to remember the same God formed you in your mother’s womb, and no matter what you think or what others might say, you have to remember God made you and you are good, and He has ordained you with a purpose. In the six days of Creation God looked and “saw that it was good” (Genesis 1).

In life, you are constantly told to call back to the manufacturer if there is a problem or defect because they are the only person or people who understand how a product should operate to our satisfaction. We also depend on the instructions and directions that come with the product so we will be efficient when it is in use.

In my latter years my understanding of destiny has come alive and God is constantly reminding me, as He will do with you, that He has called and ordained us with His glory to implement our mission. So when you hear or see other people do all types of things and you wonder how they can do this or that, don’t get angry or upset when they achieve their goal, but know that it was required by the Master and was executed by the Master’s Plan.

This information that God is sharing with me is for you and me. While writing this book, God was continuously opening my eyes to recognize and understand destiny, and that we all have been preordained to a calling. Who would best know how to propel you to the next level than the One who created you?

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